my bathroom is what i would call an organised mess. i own so many products; some that i use every day and some that have barely been touched. i have created a list of my go to products and provided a description and rough pricing for each.

top 10 products i cannot live without:

i use this little beauty every second night to keep my skin exfoliated, clear and soft. due to the glycolic acid in the scrub, it can be a little drying so ensure you use a moisturiser. for a more intense scrub, apply on a dry face. the product is even better when accompanied with the skinstitut gentle cleanser. i would also recommend the 12% glycolic cleanser.

an ultra slim retractable pencil with a brush. i use the shade taupe which is perfect for blonde hair and light brown brows. the two mistakes a blonde can make- 1. not penciling in her eye brows so they are too sparse and 2. penciling them in very dark leaving them too heavy. under defined vs over defined, understand our problem? team up the brow wiz with their powder.

  • proliss hair curling iron- prices vary heaps but ebay has good deals

i prefer clip less wands and so my 5 piece proliss wand is wonderful. it has 5 different sizes depending on the curl you want. the size in the image above is what i use 9/10 times for a loose, natural yet perfect curl. always use the protective heat glove and do not underestimate how hot it gets, i have a scar to prove it.

if you haven’t bought one of the glasshouse range candles, you are crazy! i adore the taha candle and now the cream also. taha is the most incredible vanilla caramel scent. words cannot describe how amazing and long lasting the smell is… the cream contains shea butter and argan oil so it not only smells good enough to eat but it leaves your hands smooth as a babies butt.

i use this lotion twice a day and it is the perfect example of when simple can be better. i find that face creams are often too thick and make my face feel heavy and oily but the cetaphil moisturiser is great. i am a fan of their gentle cleanser too. totally harmless for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

  • lush bubblegum lip scrub $9.95

this is so good i eat it… literally. you can lick this scrub off your lips as it is vegan and made with all natural ingredients. it smells and tastes delicious and keeps your lips silky smooth! i absolutely adore the bath bombs and soaps lush creates and so i was so happy to find another great product under the same roof. a carmex pot is my other lip go to.

i buy the dark shade and in the foaming mouse which makes it super easy to apply and get an even coverage. i am a guilty tan user in winter as i rarely see the sun. the dark shade gives you a natural colour but is olive enough to be noticeable. i recommend buying an application mitt so you don’t end up with 10 layers of mouse on your palms.

there are so many fragrances out there i love and based on what i am doing and what mood i am in, i make my decision on what to wear. i tend to have a day, night and gym bag perfume going at once. i wear ellie saab mostly at night and it would have to be my current favourite. i would describe it as a floral and elegant yet modern scent.

  • nak aroma oil $25.95

the aromas range by nak smells amazing! i initially wanted to try their products because of the way they smell and i fell in love with this oil. it’s a hair treatment derived from moroccan argan trees. i believe the product packaging has changed but the oil has last me so long that i am only now at the end of this bottle. the replacement product also comes in a spray.

  • frank body scrub $14.95

frank is the original coffee body scrub and the first i tried. to be honest, i don’t notice much of a difference between any of the coffee scrub products on the market. i am strange and don’t actually drink coffee but i do like the scrubs. frank slightly beats the others and is a messy but great combination of coffee beans, salt, almond oil and vitamin e.

extra favourites i couldn’t leave out:

  • kérastase elixir ultime by loreal $55- intensely nourishing hair elixir packed with essential oils
  • napoleon perdis auto pilot lip service $28- lip balm/gloss enriched with antioxidants designed to protect and condition lips
  • ghd hair brush $34- large black paddle brush
  • max factor false lash effect mascara $25.95- strong black colour and great thick wand to create voluminous lashes
  • reef after sun & tan extender $10.95- aloe vera + moisturiser, the only product i will use after a day in the sun

i could easily add another 10 beauty products and go into depth with my favourite makeup but instead i will save that blog for another time over the next few months. comment any questions and please subscribe at the bottom of the page to receive an email each time i make a new blog post.

tahlia x


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