camping by the beach

when it comes to accommodation i can admit i am pretty fussy. i can definitely appreciate a good hotel or resort but there is a total other side to me that loves nature and the basics. a cosy tent, warm fire, beautiful location and good company….

so we booked a few nights on ocean beach in bribie island, borrowed a pajero, took on the sand and waves and pitched a tent on the edge of the beach. although july is the coldest month of the year in queensland, the weather wasn’t really an issue. we had perfect sunny weather to keep us warm throughout the day and a fire and lots of blankets for the night.

it was such a peaceful and beautiful few days. barely anyone in sight except some scattered campers further down the beach and a few bush turkeys and goannas. don’t get me wrong, i love staying in a 5 star resort and being waited on hand and foot but there is something special about camping that i love. not sure if it is the roasting marshmallows or snuggling around a fire but i love it.

mitch and i have never made a video like this and we haven’t really had much experience with a go pro either but over the few days we were camping we filmed about 30 minutes of footage and came up with this 7 minute snippet of our trip. i have a lot of regret not utilising the go pro earlier as over the past few years we’ve visited 5 different countries together. regardless, here is our video. enjoy!



please share the video if you like it

tahlia x

5 thoughts on “camping by the beach

  1. Beautiful. Love the scenery. Makes me feel like coming up there. Today in Moree it is about 12 degrees. Not good camping weather here today. Great video. Keep them coming. xxx

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