relaxing fiji

Shangri-La, Fiji

crystal clear water, sand between your toes, friendly locals and a relaxing atmosphere. this is how i would describe fiji. if you’re looking for a busy holiday filled with exploring and site seeing i wouldn’t recommend fiji… but if it is sun, beach and relaxation that you’re after without the hustle and bustle of some places in australia or bali and thailand, fiji is a good option.

over the easter break mitch and i decided we were in need of a relaxing trip. i tossed between going back to bali (i am a huge fan of bali, so keep an eye out for my future blog on this), hawaii or the whitsundays. i will be in the usa for 6 weeks at the end of the year so i decided against hawaii and i thought i should try something new so removed bali from my list of ideas. although fiji isn’t very cheap especially during holiday periods, it was a lot cheaper than the whitsundays so our decision was made.

we stayed at the shangri-la resort & spa at yanuca island on the coral coast. it was a huge and really beautiful resort situated right on the ocean. the view from our room was phenomenal. fiji is best known as a family destination due to their large resorts, pools and beaches so unless you have a family, chose a resort that is not designed for children. because of the family friendly fiji vibe and the fact that resorts are quite separate from each other, most visitors tend to stay and eat at the hotel the whole time. this is great for a relaxing 5 nights but i wouldn’t recommend any longer. most resorts have smaller restaurants and cafes, main buffet dining with cuisine themed nights, bbq areas, beach grills and dinner shows. there are nice hotels on the main land but the coral coast and islands tend to be cleaner, more quiet and have prettier beaches which is essentially what you go for. in say this, pick another island or destination and do a day trip or two.

here is a little rundown on my 5 days to give you an understanding of what fiji is like

DAY 1-

our first day involved travel, checking in and the usual stuff you do to begin a holiday. we checked out our room, the pools and facilities and organised our day trip with the concierge. on the first evening the buffet dinner was asian inspired so we decided to indulge! buffet dinners at the resorts in fiji are where most people tend to eat and aren’t cheap so make the most of it and don’t forget dessert! the shangri-la dessert area was insane

DAY 2-

we spent the whole day sipping cocktails by the pool and tanning. we hired a canoe and did some exploring out to the surf. we played a few afternoon rounds of mini golf which was way more entertaining than i initially thought, grabbed some watermelon sorbet and hit the beach once again. for dinner we went to the resorts beach grill on the water and watched the sunset. the sunset was like nothing i have ever seen before, we were absolutely blown away as you will understand by the photos below

DAY 3-

our 3rd day began with a beautiful buffet breakfast with an incredible view of the water. there were a few breakfast spots at our resort but this was our favourite as it had the best view but was quiet and adults only. i tried ‘kava’. a traditional drink with sedative and anaesthetic properties created from a root plant. i wouldn’t say it taste nice but it was cool to experience their culture. the afternoon was filled with a little bit of exploring and checking out the resorts spa with a fancy meal for dinner at one of the smaller restaurants

DAY 4-

a day trip to malolo island. we started the day very early with our usual buffet breakfast, drove to the main island and then jumped on the ferry. the trip itself took a couple of hours but it was lovely to cruise around see the other islands as people hopped off the boat. malolo island resort is a boutique fijian paradise with a great restaurant for lunch and a great spot to swim, snorkel, paddle out on a canoe or hire a jet ski. after the day, we went back to yanuca island and finished the night with an italian themed buffet dinner

DAY 5-

today we went parasailing and ticked that one off my bucket list! a little scary but a wonderful experience flying over the ocean and reef. if you’re going to give it a try, make sure you go out in the morning when it isn’t too windy and strap a go pro to your head. the day was spent swimming as per usual and playing pool, table tennis and football. we then decided to finish the trip with something a little traditional and went to a fijian fire dancing dinner show


a wonderful destination for those wanting a quick getaway, to take it easy, swim and get a tan

tahlia x

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