Bucket List

where im going- if i could i would write ‘everywhere’ i most definitely would… but instead i have compiled a list of the standout places i wish to visit, in no particular order. i will add to my bucket list and tick off the places as a go. by the end of this year i will have conquered a few of these

-Santorini, Greece

-Venice, Italy

-Buenos Aires, South America

-Banff, Canada

-Paris, France

-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


-Cinque Terre, Italy

-Morocco, North Africa

-Cappadocia, Turkey

-Queenstown, New Zealand

-Vienna, Austria

-Bora Bora, French Polynesia

-Niskeo, Japan

-Budapest, Hungary

-Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

-Broome, Western Australia

-Yosemite National Park, California


-Great Barrier Reef, Australia

-Joffre Lake, Canada


-El Chalten, Argentina

-Vancouver, Canada


-Dubrovnik, Croatia


-Amsterdam, The Netherlands

-Rome, Italy

-Hvar, Croatia

-Hamilton Island, Australia

-Madagascar, Africa

-Barcelona, Spain

-Great Ocean Road, Australia

-Langkawi, Malaysia

-Playa del Carmen, Mexico

-Zermatt, Switzerland

-Cape Town, South Africa

-Inside Passage, Alaska

-Mykonos, Greece

-Istanbul, Turkey

-Florence, Italy


-Madrid, Spain

-Aukland, New Zealand

-London, England



-Prague, Czech Republic

-Tokyo, Japan


where ive been- outside of australia




-New Caledonia





-Hong Kong/Macau





-Cayman Islands

tahlia x



4 thoughts on “Bucket List

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  2. You’ve already seen a lot of amazing countries, but what you’ve got on your list to see in the future sounds amazing as well! I covered pretty much all of the European destinations on the list on my blog and after visiting I can safely say: your choice is exquisite! All the destinations in Europe are absolutely amazing and truly worth visiting (I’m sure the non-European ones are as well!) 🙂

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