a weekend in canberra

Parliament House

lets face it, canberra isn’t thought of as the best place in australia to visit, it gets a bit of a beating. most likely due to the freezing climate! i visited canberra for the first time a few weekends ago and was pleasantly surprised so i decided to make a blog post. they had some delicious places to eat and the weather was nice. here are some food places i’d recommend and a couple of things to do.


londsdale street roasters– adorable rustic cafe in braddon! they make the most delicious gluten free corn bread

chatterbox– another great cafe. i recommend the potato hash, so delicious

the hamlet– an awesome round up of food trucks. everything from milkshakes and icecream to pizzas and german sausages. it is a great atmosphere at night


parliament house- something you need to do once just to say you’ve done it

telstra tower- grab some hot chips and drive up to the tower. once you’re there you pay $7 entry and you get the canberra view from both inside and outside on the observation deck. it’s best to go late afternoon before sunset so get two perspectives of the city!

anzac memorial- lovely way to pay your respects and an eye opening experience


Telstra Tower

The HamletAnzac Memorial


1- Parliament House, 2- Lonsdale Street Roasters, 3- Telstra Tower, 4- The Hamlet Food Trucks Roundup, 5- Anzac War Memorial

tahlia x

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