Best Hot Chocolate on the Gold Coast

Hot Chocolate

on a cool winters night you can’t beat a fluffy, warm hot chocolate with sweet marshmallows. unless you’re a coffee drinker… which i am not. here are my 5 favourite places on the gold coast to grab a hot choc for 2015

san churro– likely to have the most calories but a beautifully rich milk chocolate goodness, even better than max brennerSan Churro

griffith st larder– the perfect combinationΒ of chocolate, froth and marshmallowΒ presented with the utmost perfectionGriffith St Larder

blackboard– delicious hot chocolate andΒ homemade marshmallowsBlackboard

max brenner– paired with the cute hug mug, maxy b’s will never dissappointMax Brenner

elk– they do lindt hot chocolate. need i say more?Elk

tip: if you like your hot chocolate strong and sweet like me, cadubury drinking chocolate with a handful ofΒ mini marshmallows is the way to go for a home job… you can thank me later

tahlia x

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