20 minute floor workout


i am always on the go and so fitting in a workout is often challenging… working 2 jobs, studying full time law, balancing my social life and driving constantly can be a struggle! i have put together a quick 20 minute floor workout targeting the bum, thighs and core, to be done at home, in the park or at the gym.

my main method of exercise is using my gym membership at fitness first. i either do my own workout at the gym (generally weights, floor work and an incline walk) or i do a les mills class. i love doing classes when i’m in a rush as you can go straight in for the 55 odd minutes and then leave. a few personal favourites are abs, butts and thighs; body step; body pump; spin and boxing. i also enjoy walking on the beach when i get the chance and doing hot yoga.

if i was in a rush at the gym or simply wanted to slip in a good quick session at home, this is what i would do. the level of intensity can be tailored by increasing your weights. if you want you can just use body weight.

1- 50 crunches

2- 50 russian twists- can add medicine ball

3- 20 each side straight leg kick backs- can wear ankle weights

4- 50 crunches

5- 20 each side bent leg kick backs- can wear ankle weights

6- 20 hip raises- can use barbell

7- 20 squats or jumping squats- with or without a bar or dumbbells

8- 1 minute plank

i use weights when doing this workout but see what works best for you! move onto the next exercise as soon as you finish and stretch for a minute before and after your workout.



1- Straight leg kick back with ankle weights, 2- Crunches, 3- Hip thrusts, 4- Bent leg kick back with ankle weights, 5- Squats

tahlia x

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