Travel preparation

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preparing for a holiday for some people is a fun time filled with planning, research and excitement. this is me. for others, it is monotonous and time consuming. no matter what type of person you are, holiday planning can be stressful. here are some tips and tricks i’ve learnt along the way to make your life a little easier.


initially when you’re choosing a destination google lots! discover what countries or cities you are interested in visiting and check out reviews from other people on trip advisor. consider the weather, culture, size and whether it is peak or low season. once you have chosen your destination, do some more research so you have an idea of what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. not only does doing all the planning during your holiday waste valuable time but it creates unnecessary stress. planning before will also ensure you don’t miss out on seeing a great landmark or watching a show or sports game. do a little research into the food also so you know the best areas to eat and write down some spots you want to visit. i have just spent 6 weeks traveling the USA (+ caribbean, mexico etc.) and without good planning my trip wouldn’t have been nearly as incredible.


roll, roll, roll. i never really understood why people roll their clothes until i tried it myself recently. packing for 6 weeks was not an easy task but rolling saved lots of room. another must when packing is to pack light and stick to the basics. of course you’re going to pack a nice dress and your favourite heels but packing a bunch of shoes and lots of “just incase” outfits is unnecessary. if you know you’re not going to miss them, ditch them. if you’re going on a beach getaway your suitcase will be predominantly bikinis/boardies and summer outfits which makes it easier to pack. winter is a little more difficult so steer clear of bulky items where possible. in saying that, don’t forget 1 big, warm jacket! for holidays where you will be doing a lot of sightseeing, walking and shopping- gym gear is ideal. not only is tights, a singlet and nikes easy to pack but it is comfy also. gym gear is also perfect for flying and going between destinations.


-take a camera and/or go pro

-take 2 days off work before you go to get your final jobs done and pack! you don’t want to miss something due to lack of time

-buy travel insurance (i use 1cover or flight centre)

-treat yourself with a trip to the hairdresser or beautician before you go

-plan, plan, plan

-have a back up for rainy days! no one can predict the weather

-start saving asap

-use good luggage, it makes a huge difference especially on long trips

-have a positive outlook even where the day has started badly

-use a travel card so you’re cash is locked in at the exchange rate from when you loaded it. you’ll skip the fees also and it is safer



if you need any extra help with your holiday planning, feel free to email me at i may not have traveled the whole world (yet) but i have covered a fair bit of ground over the past 5 years and have an eye for planning holidays! every trip i have been on i have planned well and therefore have come home knowing i did everything i wanted. $9.95 is a small price to pay to ensure you don’t waste precious opportunities during your holiday especially considering the overall price! i love organising my travel and would love to help you also.


  • list of major attractions at your destination
  • my person favourite things to do (or if i have not been- what i would plan if it was my own holiday using the steps i usually take)
  • day by day itinerary and plan
  • food and bar recommendations
  • any other advice

EMAIL ME your name, destination/s, length of stay, rough dates and a little bit about you and what you like and don’t like. let me know who you’re going with, your ages, interests and whether you’re a foodie (what cuisines, drinker or non drinker etc.)





1- My travel essentials, 2- Bixby Bridge captured during my drive along the Californian Coastline from San Francisco to Los Angeles (recent 6 week trip in the USA- blogs will be posted over the next few weeks)

tahlia x

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