Walt Disney World + Universal Studios (Orlando, Fl)

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an insight into walt disney world and universal studios in orlando, florida.


firstly, i must point out that i am not speaking of disneyland in los angeles. that is a different and much smaller park. i haven’t been there so i cannot compare but from what i have heard and from simply reviewing their website and images, disney WORLD is the way to go. disney world has 6 main worlds. yes, 6! plus a few smaller areas/parks.

  • magic kingdom (cinderellas big castle, disney characters and shows everywhere)
  • epcot (a world showcase of many countries and a future world and great food)
  • animal kingdom
  • hollywood studios (movies, glitz, glamour and the boulevards)
  • typhoon lagoon water park
  • blizzard beach water park

i had 3 days of theme park adventures. the first was epcot! the part is separated into future world and world showcase. future world is packed with innovative science pavilions, rides and rollercoasters. there are lots of motion stimulator rides which are unreal but can make you a little dizzy/unsettled so keep that in mind. make sure you get a good shot of the geodesic sphere, it is huge! along with the park itself, spanning 300 acres. world showcase is a ring of countries. as you walk through them and eat their food you truly feel like you’ve just hopped off the plane in that country. their performances, shops, buildings and colours are all culturally so accurate and well designed. illuminations reflections of earth fireworks was beautiful so stay till the end of the night if it is on when you visit the park. the award winning show revolves around a spinning globe over the huge lake and features some of the most stunning fireworks i’ve ever seen.

not to miss at epcot– test track, soarin, try the delicious food at some of the worlds (i suggest italy and japan), mission space and reflections of earth fireworks show


day 2 was magic kingdom and oh it was magical. disney characters everywhere you turn, mickey mouse balloons and ice cream sandwiches, character parades, singing, rides and happiness throughout. whether it was the hourly christmas shows, the parades or the major performances at cinderella’s castle, i absolutely loved the entertainment. the epitome of my experience however was the fireworks show at cinderella’s castle. it is called celebrate the magic and it seriously makes you appreciate and celebrate everything fantastic in your life. it is easily the most magical thing i have ever seen. the lights tell a beautiful story on their own and the fireworks are just phenomenal. i would pay for a day at disney world just to experience that. try get close to the castle but if you are too close you cannot see the full depth of the fireworks so the very front isn’t ideal as many would think it would be. there are so many rides at magic kingdom also so make the most of them.

not to miss at magic kingdom– space mountain, cinderella’s castle, seven dwarfs mine train, frozen performance, big thunder mountain railroad,disney characters parade or electrical parade, splash mountain and the celebrate the magic fireworks show at midnight



day 3 we took on universal studios. the park is separated into two smaller parks, universal studios florida and islands of adventure. of course we visited both and experienced all the shows, rides, characters and fun it had to offer. a huge highlight of universal studios for me and in particular my boyfriend, was the two harry potter sections. universal’s islands of adventure was home to hogsmede and diagon alley was part of universal studios florida. we are both huge harry potter fans and to be walking around hogwarts, eating at their restaurants and to feel as though you’ve been teleported into the movies was insane.  we had lunch at leaky cauldron and tried the butter beer, it is delicious! and if you’re a a weirdo fan like us, don’t forget to stop into ollivanders to purchase yourself a wand. there are some parts of the theme park that mimic famous cities including san francisco and los angeles. it is a pretty cool feeling to walk through the cities. don’t forget to take some time away from the rides and immerse yourself into we did both universal parks in one day (connected by the hogwarts express) and it was great but two would definitely work also as there is so much to see and do!

not to miss at universal studios– spiderman adventure, ollivanders, three broomsticks for a butter beer and meal, jurassic park river adventure, ollivanders, have a bite or drink at one of the simpsons themed restauarnts, doctor dooms fearfall, harry potter and the escape from gringotts

we stayed at one of the walt disney world resorts which was another great way to get the full experience. complimentary buses run to and from the parks and it was a $50 uber ride to universal studios. keep in mind the resort is part of the theme parks and so the food is expensive! we had to pay lots for our water each day so i would recommend stocking up on supermarket bottles of water before you arrive. here is a collection of some of our photos from the 3 days, scroll to the bottom for where each shot is taken! feel free to ask me any questions at all. lastly, buy some cute minnie or mickey mouse ears and have a magical day!











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1- Epcot, 2- Germany in Epcot,  3- Mexico in Epcot, 4- France in Epcot, 5- Iconic ball, 6- Mickey mouse pretzel, 7- Restaurant in Italy, 8- Strolling through Italy in Epcot, 9- Ride at Epcot, 10- Lake in the centre of the park, 11- Magic Kingdom, 12- Cinderella’s castle, 13- Ride at Magic Kingdom, 14- Ice cream sandwich, 15- Cinderella’s castle by night, 16- Magic Kingdom, 17- Parade, 18- Cinderella’s castle, 19- Mickey mouse, 20- Allstars Movie Resort, 21- Universal Studios, 22- Hogwarts Express, 23- Diagon Alley, 24- Simpsons characters, 25- Hogwarts School, 26- Platform 9 3/4, 27- Drunk at Moes, 28- Hogsmede, 29- Harry Potter characters, 30- Butter beer, 31- Universal Studios

tahlia x

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